Pamodzi current activities:

We believe that Initiatives tackling health and well-being awareness among Africans and other ethnic minorities tend to end with the conclusion that Africans and ethnic minorities are “Hard to Reach Communities”. The methods and models used tend to be one-size-fits-all. Most mainstream services are struggling to make an impact in these communities. Face to face interventions are costly –that has to be balanced against the fact that Africans (particularly recent immigrants) tend to respond better to this method of communication.

HIV awareness project:

Outreach HIV Awareness and information giving programme in the African community in Islington initially funded by Cripplegate foundation. The project aims: to deliver information, increase awareness, reduce stigma and encourage participants to go for testing or to access sexual health and HIV services early. Participants are identified through our existing networks, volunteers, community organisations through our outreach programmes.

Love safely’ Project:

‘Love safely’ is a community based HIV and sexual health service delivered at a venue and time convenient to the client using a toolkit in west London. Delivered by the African Health Improvement Programme with a partnership of 9 organisations, it is free to anyone who lives in the Tri- Boroughs of Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster. Project ended 2015/6. The project has continued on a voluntary basis by our trained volunteers giving up some of their time to dedicate to the project.

Condom distribution programme:

Free condom service to Africans living in the Tri-Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea, Westminster and Camden & Islington.

Cancer awareness programme ‘Small c’ Campaign:

Peer education with the over 50+ age group with particular reference to BME Communities in Camden funded by London Cancer. Pamodzi is part of a local Health Forum bringing together mainly African and other ethnic minority organisations proving health related services in Camden and Islington. The fact that Pamodzi is part of a forum of up to 12 organisations enables us to reach a wider cohort of the community and allows for support, training and referrals to be provided to our service users.

Carers Awareness project:

1 to 1, small discussion groups, outreach project, as well as delivering workshops  in Camden; to raise awareness and increase the uptake of services, with the aim of minimising the negative effect linked to caring such as; discrimination, reduced ability to work and inevitable poverty which can then contribute to deterioration in health in a vicious circle, within African communities in partnership with African led organisations. The project is funded by Camden Carers services(CCS)

Counselling  & Emotional Support Services:

Counselling with a small fee for those who can afford. Appropriate referrals and  sign posting to mental services if necessary. Counselling sessions are delivered by qualified  counsellors paid and volunteers.

We were commissioned by RBKC  to provide Counselling and emotional support services to all those who were affected by the Grenfell tragedy. The project is called the ‘ROC project’ The Pamodzi ‘ROC project’ offers counselling Services to enable individuals to talk about what they are going through, challenges faced and expressing their feelings in a safe and confidential environment.

Work in Prisons

1 to 1 and group Counselling for inmates. sign posting & linking them in to services when released to prevent isolation and re-offending. Developed from the ‘ROC project’.

Mental Health – Camden Cultural Advocacy Service Project

The overall aim of the project is to create new ways of co-producing services and approaches with BME communities that address mental health issues through ground up and innovative community approaches. 1 to 1, group Counselling, peer support. 1 to 1 practical help for participants including; making referrals to appropriate services.

Ageing Better in Camden Older People in Action – BAME Partnership: 

Ageing Better in Camden is a partnership of older people and agencies in Camden working closely together to tackle the social isolation and loneliness that many older people in the Borough experience. Pamodzi is one of the delivery arms of the African Health Forum on a partnership 7 organisations. 1 to 1, group Counselling. 1 to 1 practical help for participants, peer support including; making referrals to appropriate services.

Raising Awareness on Dementia

We aim to raise awareness of dementia amongst BME communities especially of African origin, and the support available to people with dementia and their carers, throughout the communities that we serve.

Pregnancy Reach Project

The REACH Pregnancy Programme (Research for Equitable Antenatal Care and Health) aims to generate high quality evidence on how to improve access to antenatal care and enhance the value and experience of that care, for pregnant women living in areas with high levels of poverty and ethnic diversity. We are engaged in the community reach aspect of the project.

Little Village

Making referrals and sign posting members of our community  who are in need to Little Village, their vision is that; no child in the capital grows up without essential items of clothing, toys and equipment. All the items are very high quality and they are gifted  by local families. Everything  given away is free.