Our story

Pamodzi was set up after a series of bereavement meetings within the community. Members of the community got concerned that many in the community, most of whom are/were close friends or relatives, may not have had access to information on prevention and awareness of HIV. As a result of this Pamodzi was founded as a Zambian women’s organisation in 1996, to deliver HIV prevention work activities in its community. As our work progressed we found that we were targeting other health issues prevalent in the community for example; other long term conditions including cancers, mental health, high blood pressure & heart disease, diabetes, the need for counselling etc, as well as providing services to other Southern African communities. One of the reasons for this is that Zambia supported a lot of countries in that region before they gained their independence, so we had a lot of other Southern Africans seeking refuge in Zambia.


Pamodzi: together WE can achieve.


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