Pamodzi exists to support and promote the development of a thriving BME community focusing on African communities by encouraging better personal prevention strategies.

We are a group led by women and dedicated to helping and protecting the health and well being of BME communities focusing on African communities.

The group was set up after a series of bereavement meetings within the community. Pamodzi members got concerned that many in the community, most of whom are/were close friends or relatives, may not have had access to information on prevention and awareness of HIV transmission. Pamodzi was established in 1996 working with Camden & Islington PCTs who were seeing a number of people from Southern African countries presenting with HIV infection including lack of access and late presentation of ill health to health services.

Pamodzi’s main charitable objects are:

• the preservation and protection of health
• advancement of education
• relief of financial hardship and
• any other charitable activities beneficial to the members of the Southern African communities